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  • Can you master piano without reading music?
    Yes. In my opinion, if your listening skills are so good that you are able to imitate on piano what you hear, you could become a master piano player. In my experience, this is rare.
  • What is the fastest way to sight-read piano music?
    The fastest way to sight read piano music is by training yourself on my method. Go through the book and do the exercises and you will become a good sight reader quickly.
  • Is sight-reading important for piano?
    Yes. If you want to play written music on the piano, sight reading is important. It’s more enjoyable to play written music if you can connect the notes on the page to your fingers quickly.
  • Can all levels of musicians sight read?
    Yes. Since sight reading is being able to play a piece decently the first time through all levels of musicians can enjoy sight reading.
  • How long should I practice sight-reading piano?
    You should do the exercises in the book so you understand the concept of how to sight read. Every time you play a piece, that will be your sight-reading practice so there really is no separate practice for sight reading.
  • What is the sight-reading method?
    This method is the opposite of traditional note-reading. Letter names are used only to find the starting note. The method trains you to read by direction and distance until it becomes second nature to you. I found letter names to be a huge stumbling block to good sight reading. Using my approach makes bass clef, treble clef, and ledger line notes equally easy to read. If you do the written and playing exercises in the book, you should be able to translate the written notes into played notes with ease.
  • How long does it take to get good at sight-reading piano?
    Because my method teaches the concept of how to sight read, it doesn’t take long. Once you understand the concept, you get better every time you use it. You'll have the ability to read notes in any song you try to play until it becomes natural for you.
  • What is sight reading?
    Sight reading is being able to play a piece of music fairly decently the first time you see it, “at sight”.
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