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Piano Lesson


I’ve been teaching students with my patented Piano Sight Reading skip Method for more than ten years. My students have ranged from as young as five to 85, all at varying skill levels.

I developed the method out of necessity when I started teaching at Saint Francis University in Loretto,Pennsylvania.  Many of my college students had never played any musical instrument and even some of the students who had played piano for years still struggled with slow note reading.  I only had 15 weeks to help them develop good note reading skills.  Semester after semester, the results were the same; all of my students became good sight readers. I thought maybe it would work with some of them but it worked with every one of them to make them good at finding notes in a song quickly. 


Learn more about my experience, or read on for testimonials from some of my students of all skill levels.

"Using the book helped me find notes without making it difficult...I was able to catch on quickly and dive into different songs."

Nayah, Junior in college; beginner

"The book helped me understand the steps and the skips and differentiate them. It made looking at my music a lot clearer because I understood how to move my hands up and down the piano."

Lindsay, Junior in college; took piano in elementary school

“I originally learned to read by intervals. This method helped me read more quickly beyond the interval of a fifth."

Yu-Cheng, Senior in college, advanced player

"My son was new to music and didn't know the notes at all. After just a few lessons with Tina's method, he could play several songs from his book. He progressed quickly and loves playing."

Kara, mother of then-5-year-old Eli; beginner

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