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a unique sight-reading method

My patented Extra Skip Method will teach you how to sight read treble clef, bass clef, and ledger lines with equal ease.

success for every level

From beginner to advanced, every level of student and teacher has found sight-reading success with the Extra Skip Method.

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Video instruction

You'll learn to be a good sight reader through simple writing and playing exercises. I’ve included pre-recorded video instruction  to guide you through the e-workbook.

guaranteed success or money back

The e-book is available to download now so you can start immediately.

If the Extra Skip Method doesn't help you to become a better sight reader I will refund your money.

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Expert instruction

As a pianist, church organist, and piano instructor in my home studio and at the college level, I have more than 40 years experience.  The most exciting thing I have done was to find a way that students can learn to read the notes easily and quickly so they can enjoy playing the piano and making music. I am hoping this website can help me to share this discovery with many of you. 

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My Books

"Using the book helped me find notes without making it difficult...I was able to catch on quickly and dive into different songs."

Nayah, Junior in college; beginner

"The book helped me understand the steps and the skips and differentiate them. It made looking at my music a lot clearer because I understood how to move my hands up and down the piano."

Lindsay, Junior in college; took piano in elementary school

“I originally learned to read by intervals. This method helped me read more quickly beyond the interval of a fifth."

Yu-Cheng, Senior in college, advanced player

"My son was new to music and didn't know the notes at all. After just a few lessons with Tina's method, he could play several songs from his book. He progressed quickly and loves playing."

Kara, mother of then-5-year-old Eli; beginner


Meet the expert

Tina Illig, pianist and teacher

After graduating with a BS in Music Education, I taught for one year in the public school system and then turned to my passion of teaching individual piano lessons.  When I was hired as a private piano instructor at St. Francis University it was apparent I needed a way to help my students learn to read notes more quickly because I only had them for 15 weeks at a time. That's how I came to develop the Extra Skip Method of Piano Sight Reading and it has worked well with every student since then to make them good sight readers. I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Piano Performance at Indiana University of Pennsylvania with the goals of becoming a more knowledgeable teacher and performer and also with helping my students to be more comfortable sharing the music they make.

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